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Operation & Maintenance
Facility Management

  • The amount of water that a single rainforest tree returns to the atmosphere in its lifetime of 100 years of more is truly prodigious – on the order of 2.5 million gallons.

  • Water / Land – Each toilet flush uses about 6 gallons of water and a 5 minute shower can use 35 gallons. A leaky toilet can waste 90,000 gallons of water every year.

  • Stop using bottled water. This may be very hard for many, I understand. If it's not that hard for you, start using re-usable materials and fill it up every time.

  • Recycle. Don’t just throw your old electronics and batteries to trash. Make use of local free recycling facilities. Dispose your plastic containers as well by separating them out from normal trash.
Environment Management

In layman's language “Environment management is the process by which environmental health is regulated. Human beings cannot aspire to manage the environment itself, but it is the process of taking steps and behavior to have a positive effect on the environment.”

Environmental management involves the wise use of activity, techniques and resources to impact the world. We, R3 Environment Management Services Pvt. Ltd. have accurately comprehended and developed a management plan and system to maintain the environmental facilities built to overcome human impact on the environment.

Mission Statement
"To deliver a leading edge approach in managing environmental facilities. To be endeavor to offer sustainable recycling, reprocessing and re-use options in contrast to present management system"

Our mission is to serve our customers with respect and integrity. By doing so, we create an environment in which we can deliver outstanding service. We believe our customers are valuable long-term partners, whose satisfaction is our goal.
We, as R3 Environment Management Services Pvt. Ltd., provide a full range of services in relation to environmental management & environmental compliance. R3 is a nationally recognized environmental engineering, remediation, consulting and health & safety compliance firm operating primarily in India.

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