• Operation and maintenance of water treatment plant

  • Maintenance engineering

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Garden Management

  • Green Building Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Environment Consultancy

  • Environment Development Strategies

  • Staff Meeting @ R3 EMSPL

  • Training @ R3 EMSPL

Our employees all possess superior knowledge and expertise and operate within quality systems which enable R3 employees to diversify their roles to become more than engineers, but rather evolve into Environmental Managers. Our staff is dedicated to the development of new practices and the implementation of sustainable cost effective solutions, aided by the establishment of several projects which forge new directions and keep our company and our employees ahead of the rest.

We consider our employees our most valuable resource. It is our goal to provide each employee with challenging work opportunities, ongoing career advancement, competitive wages, and generous benefits. This positive work ethic ensures you that the technicians working on your equipment are the most highly trained and dedicated that you will find.

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